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Triggers are quite a powerful promotional tool made available through OmniMirror. Triggers allow the system to play a specific media file a certain percentage of the time, when a customer interacts with the interactive screen in someway, and play another media file in the other times. To explain this by...
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Purchasing Online In-Store.

My apologies for the delay in this entry. Things are always busy at Five Faces, and our presence at the Retail Expo with our friends at ADT Security had us all occupied – you can see the photos and fun here.  I have been noticing an inundating amount of...
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Facebook Likes Vs Engagement – What should you be chasing?

If I had to define the key benefit and reason to engage in any social media, it would be “trusted advisor” marketing.  In sales terms, a trusted advisor is a relationship status between a customer and sales person where the sales person becomes the ‘go to’ person for any customer...
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